Operational Benefits:

-Vessel and crew perform port activities as normal.
- NO FILTERS and no power use in port.
- Ballast all salinities and any water quality.
- Gravity ballast/deballast any tanks.
- Complete in place flood/drain activities (outside U.S.).
- Programed treatment/neutralization at sea.
- No change to arrival/departure/port stay.

Compliance Benefits:

- Efficacy is assessed and adjusted for challenging waters, during treatment.
- Neutralization completed in the tank – Technical Compliance recorded before discharge.
- Vessel controls when treatment is completed - maintains control over regrowth potential
- Correct a failure at sea or complete exchange during voyage, in compliance with BWPM.

Installation Benefits:

- All the advantages with no "Port power" demand.
- No filters allows very small pump room footprint.
- Small footprint with versatile distribution of equipment.
- Longer voyage (5+ days) can use a smaller system.
- Where a DD is planned much installation work can be completed beforehand.

Ballast water is water, with all of its biology and suspended solids, taken on board a ship to provide stability and trim.

It is estimated that some 3 to 5 billion tons of ballast water is transferred throughout the world each year, with an individual ship carrying anything from several hundred tons to more than 100,000 tons of ballast water, depending on the size and purpose of the ship. Discharge of untreated ballast water risks an unwelcome outcome: that the biology of untreated water establishes itself as an “invasive species”. Ballast water regulations are in place to make sure all discharged ballast is treated, eliminating the risk of ballast water becoming a vector for marine invasive species.

The filterless Scienco® InTank® BWTS enables commercial vessels to comply with ballast water discharge regulations in a cost-effective way. 

See how Scienco® InTank® works vs. conventional inline systems:

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