Scienco® InTank® is a simple, robust BWTS. Low OPEX and maintenance costs enable efficient economic compliance with the BW regulations. The vessel and crew will perform at the highest safety, compliance and reliability standards without impacting cargo operations, at the lowest cost possible. Scienco InTank is a unique ballast water treatment system specifically designed to safely and economically provide ballast water compliance with minimal change to vessels operations.
  • No Filters
  • IMO & USCG Approved

Among the BWTS offered, this 2nd-generation USCG, IMO Type Approved BWTS is completely different to inline BWTS. Without the need for filtration, The Scienco InTank BWTS is the only Type Approved system that allows a commercial vessel to use normal port operations and maintain complete control over its ballast water “in voyage”. 

A small circulation of ballast is drawn from one ballast tank at a time. Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCI) — produced on board by an EC Cell or from Bulk Chemical storage, or both — is added to the circulation and returned to the tank. The treatment is monitored using the TRO concentration of the circulated ballast. Treatment is completed during the voyage, and neutralization is completed in the day or two before discharge. Treating in the tank allows InTank to modulate dose during the treatment event to automatically account for, and treat, event he most challenging of ballast water. 

Without the use of filtration or increased port demand, the de-ballasting activities are completed as normal. Treatment and neutralization are confirmed and recorded before de-ballasting starts. 

Compliant and reliable

Scienco InTank is type approved by the US Coast Guard and IMO in accordance with the rigorous standards of the US Code of Federal Regulations and the IMO revised Ballast Water Management Code.

No filter

Scienco InTank has no filters to clog or clean. Treatment is achieved by applying NaOCl (bleach) from an EC Cell or an on-board storage tank to a small circulation of ballast water. This process means you can treat on your schedule, avoiding busy in-port times. Scienco InTank can treat any volume of ballast water, with system size and target treatment ties adjusted to the owner’s/vessel’s needs. 

Compact size

Scienco InTank is elegantly simple, compact, and requires minimal electrical power during the ship’s voyage. No compressed air, fresh water, or other auxiliary supports are needed. All components are off-the-shelf and easy to maintain. Operation is fully automatic. Since it has no filter, pumproom installations are much easier than in competing products. 

Ballast water treatment simplified.