Company Name:  Scienco/FAST Scienco® InTank® Division

Benjamin (Ben) Swann

  • Title: Marine Engineer, Ballast Water Division Scienco/FAST
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Email:

We are the manufacturer of a unique Ballast Water Treatment System called Sciecno InTank BWTS.  Initially, Envirocleanse LLC was responsible for the development of the inTank BWTS was developed in order to provide a superior alternative to other ballast water treatment systems on the market, specifically for ships with high ballast water utilization and long voyages. In August of 2020 the Ballast Water division of Envirocleanse was turned over to Scienco/Fast, based in St. Louis, MO.

My responsibilities include:


  • Receiving and responding to requests for quote from potential customers, including collection and evaluation of pertinent vessel information needed to specify appropriate BWT equipment for the vessel(s) in question
  • Further development of our modeling tools to accelerate the quotation process
  • Development of customer facing documents to provide a more polished, informative, and professional product
  • Direct correspondence with customers to settle technical and commercial queries, including international travel for in-person meetings
  • Regular contact with and technical support of global sales agents
  • Management of BWT installation projects, including coordination of engineering, production, and logistics from the time of contract signing through installation at dry dock and issuance of IBWMC by vessel’s class society
  • Training members of new ownership group during transitional phase
  • Developing and implementing systems for use in Scienco/FAST’s production facility located in Sunset Hills, Missouri
  • Developing regulatory compliance documentation for Scienco/FAST production facility