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InTank® = InVoyage + InControl

Below are specifications for the Scienco® InTank® Modules. The Scienco InTank components can be installed with just the EC (Electrochlorination-only) or BC (Bulk Chemical-only) modules; or combine all for a complete system. An InTank BWTS will usually require 2 x DM (Dosing Modules), Ex for tankers, 1 x DC (Dechlorination Module) and either 1 x EC (Electrochlorination Module) or 1 x BC (Bulk Chemical Module) or a combination of EC and BC. Total footprint will be about 7m2.

Vessel specific system specifications are determined by ballast volume and available voyage time – NOT by ballast pump size. This allows a large vessel with a 4-5+ day voyage to install a relatively smaller (less expensive) system.

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Scienco® InTank® BWTS – Electrochlorination (EC) Module

Scienco® InTank™ BWTS - Dosing Module

Scienco® InTank™ BWTS - Bulk Chemical (BC) Module

Scienco® InTank™ BWTS - Dechlorination (DC) Module


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