Company Name:  Scienco/FAST Scienco® InTank® Division

Giles Candy

  • Title: Executive Business Development – Ballast Water Division
  • Location: California
  • Email: gcandy@sciencofast.com

BALLAST WATER TREATMENT EXPERT – 15 years working in the Ballast Water industry.
Developed, tested, certified, as well as sold and installed BWTS from 500m3/hr to 6,350m3/hr.
Tracked the development of BW regulations and compliance requirements all over the world.
Completed BWTS Type Approvals.

My role is to help Marine Reps, Agents, Shipyards, and potential clients understand the marine and regulatory requirements to help a fleet establish a practical, economic ballast water compliance strategy. I provide Technical Sales, initial prestation to closure, with fleets large and small all over the world.

With a decade and a half of experience in all phases of the Ballast Water industry, including months on-board installing systems, I am in a strong position to give an independent clear view of the BWT industry, treatment systems and regulations, labs and certification choices. I can help a fleet establish a clear BW compliance strategy, helping establish certainty of resources through a very busy 4 years for owners, suppliers and installers.

Experience includes:

– Involved in the development, testing, certification, installation and sales of one of the most innovative and successful BWTS – VOS. Installations include; VLCC’s, chemical tankers, and large bulk carriers.
– Tracked and monitored ballast water regulations since 2002, before the IMO Ballast Water and Sediments Convention was finalized in 2004.
– Wrote the submittal for the worlds first Type Approval Certification of a BWTS – Liberia 10-2007
– Evaluated and monitored different BWT and filter technologies as they have all developed over the last decade.
– I understand the unique challenges each vessel and trading range/pattern presents a BWTS and so evaluate appropriate ballast water treatments systems.
– There is no “one size fits all”. A BWTS is not a “bolt-on” component it is a “bolt-in” system to be integrated with the vessel and its operation.
-Developed constructive relationships worldwide with; regulators, testing groups/IL’s, Class, Administrations, owners, installers, and BWTS manufacturers.

Additional expertise include; Environmental compliance, air pollution control, water treatment, and solids treatment.

Current Projects:

  • U.S. Type Approval of BWTS
  • Ballast Water Compliance Program
  • Sales and Marketing of BWTS worldwide – Working closely with the Scienco/FAST InTank BWTS
  • Fleet Compliance Strategy
  • Marine Engine NOx control
  • Innovative compressorless Air Lubrication system