Introducing a simple, robust, and reliable BWTS solution – Scienco® InTank®

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  • USCG and IMO Type Approved [BWM Code] 
  • Filter-free design
  • Complete control over treatment = complete compliance

This USCG/IMO Type-Approved BWTS is fundamentally different from other inline ballast water treatment systems.

The Scienco® InTank® treats and neutralizes ballast water in the ballast tanks during the voyage, which allows for normal ballasting and de-ballasting operations in port. It is the only Type Approved “in voyage” ballast water treatment system.

How does it work?

A small percentage of ballast water is circulated from one ballast tank at a time. The active substance, Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), is added to the circulation and returned to the tank. Sodium Hypochlorite is produced on board by an electro-chemical cell (EC), or from bulk-chemical storage (BC). The treatment is monitored using the TRO levels in the circulated ballast. Treatment is completed during the voyage, and neutralization is completed hours before discharge.
The Scienco® InTank® provides commercial vessels with the highest confidence in compliance with the least impact to operations.

Why Use the Scienco® InTank™ Ballast Water Treatment System?

Operational Benefits:

Compliance Benefits:

Installation Benefits:

Complete cargo handling and all ballasting operations as normal

Treatment and neutralization cycle performed during voyage–technical compliance recorded before discharge

No filters

Filter-free design with complete automatic treatment cycle while at sea Full treatment cycle includes 2 dosing cycles to prevent regrowth

Small footprint (7M²)

No additional power use during cargo operations Treatment efficacy is assessed and adjusted for each ballast condition

System size adjusted to available treatment time (voyage time)

Quality of ballast water does not influence the InTank systems In case of a malfunction system can be repaired during the voyage

All components could be installed during voyage, minimal dry-docking time required

Gravity flow ballast or de-ballast without limitations